3 Subtle Signs Your Home's Foundation Has Suffered Flood Damage

When checking your home's foundation for damage after a flood, you may find yourself relieved about seeing no cracks in the concrete. Unfortunately, cracks are only one sign that your foundation is in need of repairs. Below are three subtle signs that indicate your foundation is deteriorating beneath your house where you cannot see it.

Front or Back Door Becomes Difficult to Close

In the past, you never had a problem with closing your front or back door. However, you have started to notice that the door is starting to stick. Or, the door's corner is catching on the frame, forcing you to pull up on the knob and slam it shut.

If this scenario sounds like your door, the foundation may be to blame. As the concrete starts to deteriorate, the outer walls of your home will shift. While your door may have been straight at one time, this shift makes the frame move. As the foundation breaks down further, the door will become more difficult to close.

Window Frames Start Pulling Apart

Your front or back door is not the only portal to your home that is affected by a damaged foundation. Take a look at your windows, both from the inside and outside of your home.

Pay particular attention to the corners. As you inspect the frames, you may find that the corners have pulled apart to create a large gap between the slats.

When your foundation starts to crumble underneath the walls of your home, they will become uneven. If the structure beneath a section of wall stays strong while the ends deteriorate, the outer portions of the wall will sag.

This sagging then pulls at the center and any windows that occupy the space. As a result, the frames start coming apart.

Indoor Floors Start To Dip

Another less-than-obvious sign that your foundation is deteriorating may be found inside your home. As the foundation starts to crumble, rot, and break apart, the damaged underlying structures can no longer fully support the weight of your floors, furniture, and even your body.

As a result, dips will start to form in your indoor floors. At first, you may not be aware that you are stepping down in places because of the uneven flooring. However, as the deterioration gets worse, so will the dips.

Eventually, you may step in certain areas of a room and feel the floor's structure give as you put weight on your foot. You may feel as though you are about to break through the floor. Unfortunately, if you do not have your foundation repaired, the likelihood of you crashing through the floor increases as time goes by.

call in a professional to repair the foundation as soon as possible to avoid further structural damage to your home.

When you find one or all of the above subtle signs of flood damage, you need to have your home's foundation repaired it deteriorates any further. Contact a company that provides flood damage repair, like All Care, to schedule an inspection of your foundation so they can develop a plan of action with you for restoring home's base structure.