Can You Clean Your Smoke Damaged Furniture?

After the fire is out, many people don't realize that some of the greatest property losses don't come from things that burned in the flames or got wet from fire sprinkler and hoses. Instead, the silent and often invisible property destroyer is the smoke from the fire. It can permeate porous objects and slowly cause them to break down. This is why it's important to save valuable objects, like furniture, and clean them properly to save them from smoke damage. 

But you might wonder if you can ever get the smell and soot out of upholstery and wooden chairs. Your beautiful dining room table might have discolored finish that looks awfully permanent. However, with the help of fire damage restoration services, you can save much of your furniture if you act quickly.

Move furniture out of the house when safe to do so.

Your first step is to move your furniture out when you get the okay from the fire department. Not only will moving the items out into open air help to start dissapating the smell of the smoke, but it will prevent further damage from lingering smoke and ash inside the house. Smoke and ash are acidic in nature and they will continue to mar finishes and dissolve delicate upholstery with continued exposure.

Wipe the furniture carefully.

Use a slightly damp rag to wipe away soot and ash from the hard surfaces. Do not wipe soot or ash that is on upholstery, as you can actually grind the particles further into the fiber. Instead, you might use a gentle, brushless vacuum. 

Get a professional opinion.

After this initial clean-up, it's time to get a professional assessment. Sometimes, with some enzyme cleaners and a little elbow grease, you can restore the furniture yourself. This is especially possible with wooden furniture that only has surface damage to the finish. Stripping the finish, sanding, and refinishing will usually be enough to make your wooden items look new again.

For more delicate or damaged items, professional restoration is the only way to save the furniture. Your couches, for example, might need oxygen treatment to fully remove the smoke particles and smells from the cushions. Sometimes, the fabrics cannot be saved, so the cushions will need to be reupholstered. 

For more information on fire restoration for your precious items, contact a company in your area that can provide this valuable service. Not only can your furniture be expensive to fully replace but timeless antiques and heirlooms are irreplaceable, making restoration your only option.