2 Humane Deterrents For Scaring Woodpeckers Away From Your Porch's Eaves

If you have woodpeckers drilling home in your porch's eaves, you may want to find a way to stop them. However, since they are protected by law, you may wonder what you can do to deter the birds without hurting them. If so, use one or more of the following humane deterrents for scaring the woodpeckers away from your porch's wooden eaves.

Put Up Windchimes

One way you can keep woodpeckers from drilling holes in your porch is to hang wind chimes. The wind chimes work to scare away the birds in several ways.

Whenever they are moved by the wind or the wing of one of the birds, the movement and sound both startle the woodpecker. Also, if the wind chimes are shiny, the reflection of the light can also frighten the birds.

Although the woodpeckers will be initially startled, they may discover that an area with the same wind chime has the same sound, movement, and appearance. They may figure it out, and the wind chime will no longer be effective for that side.

To keep this from happening, hang wind chimes of varying sizes and tones, Then, make sure you switch them around once or twice a week to keep the birds guessing.

Attach Small Mirrors to the Eaves

If you do not like the constant noise caused by wind chimes, there is another deterrent method you can use that still utilizes the movement and light of the chimes without the sounds. Instead of wind chimes, you could attach small mirrors to the eaves with fishing line.

When you attach the mirrors so that they hang down and spin with the wind, they will be in constant motion. Also, the woodpeckers will see not only the reflections of the surrounding area, but they may also see one of themselves. They may mistaken their own reflection for another bird and fly away to avoid a confrontation.

To attach the mirrors, drill a small hole in the tops, and run enough fishing line through them that, when doubled over, they hang down slightly past the bottom of the eaves. Then, use a staple gun to attach them every one or two feet around your porch.

Using the above deterrents should keep the woodpeckers from damaging your eaves. However, if your feathered visitors are undeterred, contact a repair and restoration business that specializes in woodpecker pest control, like Decorative Foam and Stone, to discuss your options for repairing the current damage and cover the eaves to prevent further holes.