Energy Systems & Green Improvements: 3 Ways to Make Industrial Boilers Efficient

The mechanical systems of businesses need to be as energy efficient as possible, but there are still many outdated mechanical systems in operation. Today, there are green energy solutions that can significantly cut energy costs for your business. Boilers are one of the best places to start with geothermal mechanical designs, solar energy and biomass. Here are some of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of industrial boilers when having them replaced or repaired:

1. Install Solar Energy in Different Forms to Meet Energy Needs of Boilers

If you want to use solar energy for your business, there are several solutions. Solar PV panels are the common type of solar energy system used to produce electricity. There are also solar collectors that are designed to heat water, which can be used by boilers. The water is circulated through the collectors and then delivered to the boilers to reduce the energy needed to heat water.  

2. Use Geothermal Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications

The use of geothermal energy is another solution that can reduce the energy consumption of industrial boilers. In areas with geothermal activity, the energy deep inside the Earth can be used to heat water for the boiler. In most areas, the type of system that is used for these systems is a geothermal heat exchange system, which circulates water through the ground to reduce energy consumption.

A complete industrial geothermal design can provide efficient energy solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings. With geothermal systems, the same energy is recycled through the cooling and heating systems, and through the geothermal exchange.

3. Consider Biomass Conversion Solutions That Cut Energy and Fuel Costs   

The use of biomass is another way to reduce the cost of energy for industrial boilers. Converting or replacing existing boilers with biomass systems reduce carbon emissions and cuts fuel costs. Biomass systems come in many forms, such as those that burn forestry and agricultural waste or other systems that use different types of organic materials to power industrial boilers.

The addition of solar water heaters can add to the energy efficiency of biomass boilers, as well as provide an additional reduction in carbon emissions. For certain types of operations that produce organic waste, biomass will turn waste into a source of fuel.

With good energy designs and boilers that operate efficiently, your business can significantly lower energy costs. Contact an industrial boiler repair service for help with repairs, replacements and upgrades to the boilers your business uses for everyday operations.