Did A Pipe Burst While You Were At Work? 3 Steps To Protect Your Property After A Plumbing Emergency

Your house is your biggest asset, and your heart sank when you first noticed that a pipe had burst while you were at work. Unfortunately, a broken pipe can release thousands of gallons of water into your house within the several hours that you were away. While some of your belongings may be lost, it is possible to restore your property to proper condition by following these steps.

Turn Off Nearby Electrical Sources

Safety must always be taken into consideration when you are dealing with a water-related emergency. Do not enter a flooded area of your house until you are certain that all of the electricity has been shut off. This is important even with minor flooding because water can travel up drywall and get into the electrical sources. Therefore, you will need to start your water clean up by shutting off the power at the main circuit.

Stop the Flow of Water

Once you know that it is safe to enter your house, the next step is to shut off the flow of water. Find the main water shut off valve to your house, and turn the knob. Usually, this valve is located somewhere between your house and the street. If you cannot find it, then you can try to shut off the water using the valve closest to the leak such as the one next to the hot water heater or toilet.

Salvage Undamaged Items

If you were fortunate enough to arrive before everything got soaked, then start the clean up by removing anything that is still dry to a safe part of your house. Do this immediately since water quickly soaks into carpets and other porous materials, which means that the damage can continue to spread even after the water is shut off.

Dry Out and Replace Soaked Materials

Water damage restoration is another important part of preserving the safety and value of your property. Arrange for a professional from companies like The Professionals Kauai, LLC. to visit your home and identify the best tactics for water removal. For instance, a sump pump may be used to get water out of your basement, or you may need a dehumidifier to be used in your house to reduce the risk of mold growth.

Burst pipes are a homeowner's nightmare because it doesn't take long for your house to begin filling up with water. Make sure that you know how to shut off your water in the event of an emergency, and never delay a water-related clean up. By knowing how to quickly dry out your house, you can get through this trying time and maintain your house's safety.