Why iPod LCD Repair Is Not Recommended As A DIY Project

Most touchscreen music devices and gaming devices have LCD screens. LCD stands for "liquid crystal display." Liquid crystals are literally liquid crystals, meaning that there is a panel of liquid in the screen that is comprised of super-tiny crystals suspended in a special fluid. When you crack your device, the liquid crystals become very apparent in that they show up as a black fluid spot under the cracked areas of the screen. When you press on them, the black blobs move. For that reason, and others, you should not attempt a DIY iPod LCD repair or any LCD screen repair. The other reasons for having a pro do the work are as follows.

LCD Screen Replacements Are Extremely Fragile

When you buy an LCD screen replacement by itself, it comes wrapped in a lot of protection. This is because the screen has to be kept very flat, and any jarring motion can break it. During the replacement service by a pro, the replacement screen has to be carefully laid on a flat surface until the broken screen can be removed from the device. It is a very delicate job to lift and lay the liquid screen into position. The framework of the device applies the necessary tension to keep it from breaking, at least until the next time you drop the device on a really hard surface. 

If the Screen Begins to Leak Fluid Prior to Installation, Your Device Is Useless

The LCD replacement cannot be allowed to leak fluid. Your device is entirely dependent on every liquid crystal being present, and when you see a fluid leak, it is not just fluid. Some of the tiny liquid crystals are flowing out with it. This directly results in poor quality images, less light reflection because of the reduction in crystals and fluid, and your device needing yet another screen replacement.

The Position of the Internal Components Makes the Project Difficult

Depending on the year and model of your device, there are some that prevent tampering by placing important components on top or very close to the screen. Removing or disassembling these components results in the complete loss of everything you have saved to the device. It can also result in the device's inability to function as it once did. While this is great for anti-tampering post-theft of your device, it makes it truly impossible for you to attempt a DIY repair job without destroying your device further.

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