3 Tips To Deal With Rust When Restoring Exposed Metal Trailers Parts

When doing auto restorations, some of the parts you are restoring do not have a coat of paint. This means that they are exposed to the elements and rust. To prevent problems and deal with rust, you may want to paint them, coat them with oil, or have them treated with a protective finish. Here are some tips to help deal with rust on exposed metal in your trailer projects:

1. Treating Rust and Protecting Metal with Oil and Grease

One of the common problems that you are going to have to deal with when restoring trailers is rust on exposed metals. If you want to ensure that your restoration is all original, you may not want to replace parts or have them painted or refinished. To protect these parts, you will first want to clean them, and remove any excessive rust. Once the parts are clean, use a grease or oil mixture to protect them. If you are not too concerned about appearance, use used motor oil. If you want the parts to look nice, then use new, clean oil. To apply the oil, use a paint sprayer and air compressor, and cover the parts that you do not want to get the oil on.

2. Painting the Exposed Metal Parts with A Protective Paint

If you are doing more of a custom trailer restoration, painting the exposed metal parts is a great option to protect the metal from rust and corrosion. First, you will want to clean the rust, and sand the metal down to its surface. Apply a coat of primer to the sanded metal service to give the metal protective layers. For the final coat, apply the finish paint, and then, add a clear coat, if the paint has a glossy finish that is intended to match other paintwork on your trailer.

3. Protective Metal Finishes to Help Prevent Rust and Corrosion

In addition to conventional auto paint, there are also many protective finishes that can be applied to metal surfaces. You may want to consider a rubber coating that is used in pickup truck bed liners, to protect the undercarriage of off-road vehicles. Powder coating is another protective finish that can be used for exposed metal components and is great for custom restoration projects.

These are some tips to help deal with some of the exposed metal problems with your trailer restoration projects. If you need help with repairs and finishes for metal parts, contact a truck trailer service to help get your car back to pristine condition, even in the places that are less noticeable. 

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