Kitchen Fire? All May Not Be Lost!

One of the more common fires that affect homeowners is the kitchen fire. Even a small quickly contained fire can lead to major damage, both in the kitchen as well as in other nearby rooms. Fortunately, you can usually mitigate most of the damage from a minor fire. The following guide can help you minimize your losses.

Remove all fabric items

Fabric items in the kitchen, like towels, linens, curtains, and rugs, likely absorbed the most smoke odor and residue. Nearby rooms may also be affected, particularly if there was a lot of smoke, so you will need to remove those4 fabric items as well. The residue in the smoke, particularly if plastic burned or if a fire retardant was sprayed, can lead to staining. 

By washing items promptly, you can likely save them and remove the smoke damage. If you are unsure how, either take the items in to be dry cleaned or work with a restoration company that has experience in removing smoke damage. Don't return cleaned fabrics to the kitchen until you are done with other restoration work, otherwise, they may reabsorb odors or be exposed to moisture that can lead to mildew.

Dry out the space

Smoke is only a minor concern -- mold, mildew, and water damage from putting out the fire can cause more longterm damages. The key is to dry out the space as quickly as possible. You can rent large fans from a restoration company to help circulate air and dry things quickly. Open up any drawers or cabinet doors where water could have seeped in, so these hidden areas also dry out. If there is drywall damage, then remove the drywall promptly. It will need to be replaced anyway, so don't leave the soggy drywall in place to grow mold on the inside of the walls.

Clean permanent surfaces

Permanent surfaces that aren't easily replaced can be the hardest to deal with after a fire. Walls in other rooms or in parts of the kitchen otherwise unaffected can hold on to smoke odors. Unless you want to pay to have them ripped out and reinstalled, paint is the best option. Begin by cleaning the walls thoroughly with a deodorizer, then repaint them first with a primer to lock in odors and then with the paint color of your choice. Carpets also absorb odors, so prompt carpet cleaning is a must. It may take several treatments to fully remove odors.

Contact your local fire damage restoration services for more help.