Buying A Home? Check For Water Damage First

There's so much you need to know and be aware of when you're trying to find a house for the family. A few leaks or wet spots on ceilings might not seem too important right now, but remember that water can ultimately cause serious damage that costs a great deal to fix. Look for these signals that damage has occurred and you should ask more water-related questions before placing an offer.


If you're home-searching in winter, you have an easy way to recognize possible water trouble immediately. Just glance up toward the gutters; do you see any icicles? If so, you may imagine that's just a fun winter sighting. However, those long icicles can prove that the gutters are ineffective, and water may have already drained into the roof structure or damaged it in some way.

Soft Surfaces

Usually, a tender or soft surface that shouldn't be is a sign that some rotting from water damage is possible. Feel around window frames for soft spots where rain could have leaked in, for instance. In bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, be aware of whether your feet are stepping on spongy spots.

Because the space is not yet your home, these soft spots cannot be directly investigated; you can't dig into the drywall or rip up the floors to get a better look. However, you can engage the seller in a discussion about these areas and anything that has happened in the past


Rust is an immediate signal that water has come into contact with metal. If you notice that kitchen or bathroom pipes are coated with rust, you need more information about how that took place. The pipes could be leaking, or there was a leak that was subsequently fixed by replacing part of the pipe system. Ongoing leaks and their sources will need to be addressed.

Odd Odor

Sometimes your sight isn't the only sense helping you to notice water damage issues. If there's a "wet dog" smell or persistent musty odor, underlying water damage could be the reason why. This can often be something experienced in unfinished and finished basements.

Should any of these signs appear to you, don't give up the house just yet; you can still look forward to a future in a house you like. Water damage recovery and restoration companies can identify water sources and work with you so that damage is fully halted and affected areas are recovered and rehabilitated.

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