Have Water Worries in Your Crawl Space? What to Know

If you have noticed that the interior of your crawl space is deteriorating and that you are having problems with water getting into the space, it is time to contact the experts. There are a lot of ways that you can help to improve the crawl space and make sure that water isn't a problem in the future. Here are options that are worth investing your money into if you don't want to have problems with water in the space in the future.


You want to investigate the crawl space and let a professional perform a full examination. They may find that there are cracks in the concrete, specific areas where water is leaking into the crawl from the home, and other flaws that are causing water to be a damaging problem under your home. Let the professionals give you an estimate and report so you know specifically what is wrong.


You should take the time to insulate the crawl space, but beforehand, a waterproofing sealant layer should be added throughout the crawl space, to shield it from water. This protects against water trying to leak, and from water that accumulates from condensation that could damage the interior walls. Crawlspace waterproofing is generally affordable, and it's worth the cost either way.


Now it's time for insulation. A foam insulation that the professionals spray along the walls and ceiling will help to shield the interior space from moisture. It also helps protect against pests and other things outside the crawl space that are trying to get in. Insulation can additionally help keep the floor above the space warmer.


Improve ventilation in the space. This will not only help prevent condensation problems, but it will also dry out moisture that gets trapped in the crawl space. The ventilation improvement will allow air to easily pass in and out, so hot air doesn't get trapped in the crawl space.

You have to make sure that the crawl space below your home is dry and secure, because you don't want your home to be jeopardized due to issues within the space. You want to have the crawl checked and maintained regularly so you know that you don't have problems that are going unnoticed or without treatment. There are a lot of different options that you can look into, so see what you want to spend your money on and what crawl space protection works best.