Have Your Basement Waterproofed Before You Turn It Into A Family Room

If you're planning to finish your basement and turn it into a room where your family can watch television and play games, then one of the first things to do is consult with a basement waterproofing professional. The space should be dry and the threat of flooding eliminated so your flooring, furniture, and electronics aren't ruined. Here are some steps you can take to keep your basement dry.

Have Professional Waterproofing

One reason to bring in a professional is to be sure there is no hidden moisture in your basement. If water can seep through the concrete walls, then the back of your insulation and walls could stay damp and grow mold. You don't want your family spending time in a moldy basement, and professional waterproofing will eliminate this concern.

The waterproofing service may recommend interior or exterior methods of keeping your basement dry. The interior method involves a drain and sump pump system that pumps water out of your basement. An exterior system involves a drain that catches water before it gets to your basement and a waterproof membrane lining the exterior walls that blocks water from seeping through concrete. Each method has its pros and cons, so the waterproofing service can help you decide on the right choice for your home.

Control Condensation

By putting up insulation and walls, you'll help combat condensation, but you should also wrap exposed pipes and possibly run a dehumidifier to help keep your basement dry. Controlling the temperature in your basement also keeps your basement dry and fights high humidity. If you put a bathroom or laundry room in your basement, vent them to the outside to draw humidity outdoors. While condensation may not cause puddles of water in your basement, condensation can keep the basement damp and musty.

Keep Water From Leaking In Windows

Be sure the basement windows have a tight seal so water can't leak through them and drip down the walls. Also, check your gutters so they don't drop water near the windows. You might also need to move plants and mulch mounds if they hold water near the windows when it rains.

Once your basement is waterproofed and dry, you won't have to worry every time it rains. You can furnish the space and enjoy spending family time in your new room. When a basement is wet or damp and musty, it's a waste of valuable space. A basement waterproofing service can help you keep the space dry so you can use it for your family activities and guests.